Crossing at Research Shops

Research Shopping Strip.

Research Shopping Strip.

Nillumbik Council: Improve Crossings Opposite Research Shops

Parking at Research Shops is growing harder every day, especially during school pickup and dropoff. Runners, walkers and cyclists travelling to and from the Aqueduct Trail have to negotiate with crossing Ingrams Road. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve learned the importance of being able to walk, run and ride around our neighbourhoods. We need to give the community more ways to get around safely.

Sign now and tell Nillumbik Council to make Research more walkable.

With the double roundabout opposite the shopping strip, it can be incredibly difficult to get across the main road at peak times, even with traffic islands by the roundabouts. It’s not fair on pedestrians.

It is important to note also that a new crossing opposite the CFA on Research-Warrandyte Road is desparately needed. This crossing was slowly removed despite being next to a school bus stop. A petition already exists to replace this crossing and I encourage you to sign it here after signing this one.

Improved crossings opposite the shopping strip will have a number of advantages for residents, including:

  • Allowing parents to give their kids the independence of being able to walk down to the local shops
  • Improving safety for road users, including kids at school times
  • Reducing the reliance on the limited parking at the shopping strip
  • Making our suburb safer and more walkable
  • Connecting the Aqueduct trail to other trails such as the Diamond Creek Trail

Council will need to do some work to figure out exactly where the crossings should sit and what format they should take but it is clear there needs to be an easier way to cross Ingrams Road and an easier way to cross the Main Road.

The following map shows where crossings need to be improved:

Map of Research Shops sourced from Google Maps. We need better crossings on Ingrams Road and on the Main Road between the roundabouts.

Source: Google Maps

There’s a lot that can be done to make Research safer and more walkable and the first step is to make sure we have enough local crossings. While other crossings are needed, having a crossing opposite the shopping strip will be a fantastic start.