Playground at Raglan Reserve

Raglan Rd Reserve in Research.

Raglan Rd Reserve in Research.

Nillumbik Council: Build a Playground at Raglan Reserve

Raglan Reserve is a much loved community reserve in Research. Being just down the road from the shopping strip, it is accessible to the whole community.

Sign now and tell Nillumbik Council to give our kids more places to play.

In 2018, Nillumbik Council tried to sell off 17 community reserves. Raglan Reserve was one of them. Thanks to an incredible effort from the community, the reserves were saved.

Among the trees, Raglan Reserve has an open centre, which is perfect for a small children’s playground, which would give kids a chance to play right in the centre of the suburb, where more children’s play facilities are sorely needed. This would also be an opportunity to improve the vegetation around the outside of the reserve, creating a truly special community spot.

As well as bringing value to Research, building a playground on Raglan Reserve will give Nillumbik Council a good reason to never try selling it again. Let’s give our kids somewhere to play and protect our community reserves. Sign the petition now.